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About VillaWare :

The VillaWare? brand has a long heritage of Italian workmanship and culinary expertise. Our perfectionism and passion for craft in cuisine is over a century old, but continues to shape every VillaWare? branded product and the dishes they help to create.

Established in 1906 by Angelo Vitantonio, our roots lie in Italy, famous for its organic and fresh ingredients, and its distinctive culinary pursuits. When Angelo immigrated to the United States, he took his passion for food and cooking with him, and used the authentic taste of Italy to inspire his various kitchen inventions.

So it was in his Little Italy community that Angelo first created the hand crank pasta machine that would revolutionise so many Italian households. His inspiration, dedication to craft, and entrepreneurial vision led him to establish a family business that would thrive across four generations, and expand to generate a wide range of high-quality appliances and cookware under the VillaWare? brand.

The VillaWare? brand continues to create outstanding products that remain true to their founder’s vision, and our passion is a continuing presence in the finest kitchens across the globe. The same spirit of innovation and commitment to excellence that inspired Angelo Vitantonio, continues to inspire our dedicated design team today.

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