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Company history

SugarSync was incorporated in 2004 by Gibu Thomas (CEO) and Ben Strong (Chief technical officer). In 2005, the company received a first round of $3 million from Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Selby Ventures. In February 2006, Sharpcast unveiled Sharpcast Photos, a tool for synchronizing images between multiple devices including PCs and mobile phones. One month later, Sharpcast finished a second round of venture capital funding from Draper Fisher Jurvertson, Selby Ventures and Sigma Partners for a total of $16.5 million. The same three investors put in another $10 million in December 2008 for a total of $26.5 million.[2] Both founders left the company in November 2008.

SugarSync is currently led by the following management team:

Laura Yecies (CEO)

Domingo Mihovilovic (Vice President, Engineering)

Jonathan Harris (Vice President, Sales)

Drew Garcia (Vice President, Product Management)

Product history

Sharpcast's first product was Sharpcast Photos, which was software designed to make it easier for people to view their photos on multiple devices and share them with friends via the Internet. This product was the precursor to Sharpcast’s larger, more ambitious project, SugarSync.

In December 2006 Sharpcast inked a deal with Alltel for Sharpcast Photos to be the "standard and exclusive" sync tool for the wireless carrier's Windows Mobile-enabled smartphones. Deals were also made with Lexar and Corel to provide backup services to their customers.

Sharpcast Photos was shut down at the end of January 2009. Users were given the option to migrate to the SugarSync service or retrieve their photos.

SugarSync is the company's newest product and was launched in March 2008. The software is designed to sync all of a user's files (documents, media, photos, etc.) across as many machines as desired. Newsweek editor N'Gai Croal dubbed SugarSync an "interesting solution" even before its launch for its ability to "automatically sync your documents, photos and multimedia files to the company's servers and any machine you designate."

In 2006, TechCrunch's Michael Arrington said about the company's field: "It's the future. The question is whether Sharpcast will be part of it or not. If they execute, they will be."

SugarSync also works as an online backup utility and users can access all their data from a personalized subdomain on the SugarSync website under the structure of

SugarSync differentiates itself from competitors by employing an integrated and intelligent automatic refresh of its sync. Unlike many competitors, SugarSync does not require users to schedule weekly updates of synced files. Instead, SugarSync constantly monitors changes to files—additions, deletions, edits—and syncs these changes with any other linked devices as well as the SugarSync servers.

Product Reviews

Several of the company's products have received editorial reviews. SugarSync Manager, SugarSync Mobile for BlackBerry 1.1.8, SugarSync (Windows).

In 2006, Walt Mossberg praised the Sharpcast data synchronization service in The Wall Street Journal.

In 2008, USA Today reviewed the SugarSync data synchronization service.


Of SugarSync's many features, the most notable is its Universal Sync platform. The platform is the structure for its sync product.

Universal Sync platform

The Universal Sync platform is SugarSync's universal media synchronization engine. The company calls it the industry's first true "push" synchronization, offering numerous advantages including

Media transcoding which supports a variety of device types in constrained computing and network environments

A high fault-tolerant storage service with industry-strength encryption

Deep handling of specific media types and a rich web front-end for secure remote access to files

Integrated e-commerce server for flexible CRM including user account management, credit card billing, promotions, email and integration with 3rd-party systems and services

A software development kit and APIs for extending the system and connecting to 3rd-party applications and services.


Red Herring Top 100 winner, 2006[citation needed]

SuperNova & TechCrunch's Top Connected Innovator, 2006

DEMO '06 Presenter[citation needed]

ReadWriteWeb's Best Web LittleCo "Most Promising for 2007"

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