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About Stonewall Kitchen :

Jonathan King - It all started with a jar of jam back in 1991, or so this story goes. Well, almost. I have a strong interest in horticulture and cooking. A friend suggested I sell my goods at the local farmers' market. Being of entrepreneurial spirit I decided to try it out. My partner Jim who was an avid cook, and also worked in a restaurant, like me, joined in. So we acquired a small folding table, a market umbrella and called ourselves Stonewall Kitchen, after Jim's suggestion inspired by the historic New England stone walls outside our kitchen window.

There we were the night before market day — 3:00 am in a small kitchen hand-labeling and filling jars with jam we had just cooked up on our small, four burner stove. After a first day sell-out, we figured we might be onto something and continued to "head to market" every Saturday at the crack of dawn for the next five years. Whatever local produce was fresh and in abundance was crafted into our product line: vinegars, oils, pesto, jams, and baked goods. Our eclectic mix sold out at almost every farmers' market, and later, at the country fairs and festivals we attended. People liked our product but they also liked our presentation and displays, products piled high in antique apple baskets and crates; so much so, that the local farmers at the market decided they better add a little something to their displays and soon market umbrellas decorated the entire lot!

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