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About KAYAK :

KAYAK is a travel search site. Everybody knows what a search site is, and everybody knows what a travel site is. KAYAK is like both, but it’s different in some important ways.

Like a search site, we help you find what you want. What makes us different is that we’re specialized. Our tools are made to deeply understand things like airfares and hotel stays. And like a travel site we have flights and hotels. But we’re very different from most travel sites because we don't actually sell plane tickets, hotel rooms, or anything else.

We help people find the best travel choices easily by searching the data from hundreds of travel sites at once. KAYAK lets you compare options, and when you find something that fits your budget and tastes, you book it where you want: at the airline site, from the hotel, or from a travel agent.

OK, now you’re wondering how we make money. It’s all advertising. Just like you can watch (most) TV shows for free, you can use KAYAK all you want, free.

Today we’re the world’s largest travel search site. You might ask, "So what?" Well, maybe we are a bit proud of that fact. Since we started KAYAK in 2004 we’ve been working pretty hard to make travel planning better, and we’re still toiling away to create new tools and to make our search faster, more relevant and easier to use.

So please use KAYAK to plan your next trip. We make it easy and fun to find the flight, hotel or rental car that's right for you.

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