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About Junonia :

Since its foundation in 1995, Junonia has abided by a basic mission of inspiring active women to live life to the fullest. "We are not just selling clothing, but also a way to feel good about yourself," says Junonia founder Anne Kelly. "Customers often tell us that finally finding a source for gym clothes or swimwear has made it possible for them to become active and really enjoy it for the first time in ages. We certainly strive for financial success, but comments like that are worth more than any dollar amount."

Junonia serves vibrant, plus size women who love to walk, run, swim, hike, bike, golf, ski and travel. We also serve those women as they work in offices, drive to soccer practice, browse the farmers' market and relax in the hammock.

Junonia focuses both on top quality active wear in the newest high-tech fabrics and on exceptionally comfortable casual wear that's flattering and functional. Our customers want and deserve plus size active wear, swimwear and casual clothing that fits perfectly, looks incredible and lasts for years, and that's exactly what we strive to give them.

We take our company name from two sources. One is the rare and beautiful seashell found along the coast of Florida. Much like our namesake shell, the styles and quality Junonia provides can be hard to find, but is well worth the search. Our other inspiration is Juno, Roman mythology's Queen of the Goddesses, traditionally depicted as a woman of majestic size and beauty. Juno gave us the word "Junoesque," which is used to describe women of influence and femininity. (Not coincidentally, it's also the name of our super size clothing collection.)

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