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Hi Welcome to deLaFlowers Order fresh flowers online. Nation wide delivery from an experienced company
About deLaFlowers :

deLaflowers.com is dedicated to providing the freshest flowers direct from the farms at which they are grown. We have relationships directly with the growers so the flowers you receive and send to your friends, family, and loved ones are the freshest, highest quality, and most beautiful product available.

Our technology platform allows us to be the most efficient floral e-tailer in terms of fastest time to recipient, easiest sender interface, and the most professional overall process for our customers.

deLaflowers is dedicated to being the finest flower e-tailer on the web. Our technology is the best in the marketplace, our flowers are the freshest in the marketplace, and our user experience is the leader in the marketplace. We plan to emerge as the flower e-tailer of choice among all users on the web.

Unlike many of our competitors, we are not focused on providing multiple products, rather we are simply focused on providing the highest quality flowers at the most competitive prices.

The deLaflowers.com business assures our customers the freshest and highest quality flowers by eliminating the many levels of middlemen that can get involved which tends to cost the consumers more money in the long run. deLaflowers.com reduces the cost of importing, distributing, wholesaling and then retailing the flowers by have fewer “touch-points” by 3rd parties and bringing you the highest quality product DIRECTLY!

The deLaflowers.com Management Team offers the requisite experience to be the industry leader in the online flower business. Our founders come from 16 years of actual Retail Flower Store ownership, 15 years of technology platform development, and 40 combined years of online sales and marketing expertise.

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