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Founded in 1985, Cafe Britt is a premier roaster of gourmet coffee and one of the few companies in the world that produces, roasts & sells coffee right from the country of origin. We ship directly from coffee producing countries for a taste that’s as fresh as it can be! We also offer a wide selection of carefully crafted gourmet chocolates and tropical nuts for a perfect complement to your cup of coffee. Customizable coffee gifts are always available.

We are certifiably Green! All of Café Britt’s operations comply with international standards for environmental protection and we follow fair trade practices. We serve the most demanding palates including customers at Marriott Hotels, Four Seasons & Ritz Carlton, among others.

We have average orders over $85, above industry conversion rates, ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING when buying 6 or more products, and unmatched volume discounts ranging from $5 to over $300 off the regular price.

Our coffees are almost only sold online in the US, so you can offer your site visitors a unique array of products which they literally won’t find in nearby stores.

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